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Welcome to Healthnic

“HEALTHNIC Healthy and ethnic diet for inclusion” is a 2-year Erasmus+ funded project that promotes healthy eating based on traditional food from different ethnic cuisines. The main target groups come from various backgrounds including refugees, immigrants, long-term unemployed and indigenous groups, who wish to develop their food and cooking skills and interact in a multinational environment.

The coordinator of the project is the Vardakeios School of Hermoupolis (Syros, Greece), and partner organisations are: Danmar Computers LLC (Rzeszów, Poland), Diciannove Società Cooperativa (Genoa, Italy), ITT (Ireland) and Merseyside Refugee Support Network (Liverpool, UK).

Healthnic workshop

The main educational material that will be produced is the Healthnic workshop. This is a resource that a trainer can use with participants and aims to:

Encourage healthy eating – through increased skills and knowledge of food preparation, cooking methods, food economics and nutrition
Encourage sharing of recipes and cultures
Discuss routes to social integration and Support ICT learning and skills
Encourage active citizenship, create lasting bonds and express creativity

Group work enables participants to share personal experiences on the choice of diets, identify similarities and differences in food cultures and how to plan a nutritious meal.

During workshops participants will develop or create recipes and prepare their own dishes.

The results of the workshops will be the material for creating “digital storytelling short videos” by the participants.

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