2nd Multiplier Event by Vardakeios School in Athens at Caritas Hellas

The Vardakeios School organized on the 11th September 2019 the 2nd Multiplier Event of the Healthnic Diet project in Athens at Caritas Hellas. It was an evening where professionals from different fields that work with refugees (sociologists, language teachers, workshop facilitators) had the opportunity to be informed about the intellectual outputs of the project (Practical Guide and Toolkit), the digital videos that were produced but also to ask questions related to the implementation of the Healthnic Diet workshops. On the second part of the event they had the chance to participate in a cooking session and to experiment with fruit, vegetables and spices in order to create their own Mandala based in a specific value (solidarity, acceptance, unity) and then to prepare as a group a salad with the materials they have already used.All the participants expressed their content on the knowledge gained and showed interest in organizing a Healthnic workshop. The facilitators assured them that they will be available to provide guidance if needed.

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