Don`t miss the Greek Healthnic Diet Multiplier Event

Saturday 22/6/2019 17.00-21.00 at Vardakeios School

“HEALTHNIC: Healthy and Ethnic Diet for Inclusion” is an Erasmus+ project that started on October 2017 and now that finalizes its activities presents to you its work. The main target groups come from various backgrounds including refugees, immigrants, long-term unemployed and indigenous groups, who wish to develop their food and cooking skills and interact in a multinational environment. The workshops enable participants to acquire basic skills such as home economics and healthy eating education, supported with food and nutrition glossaries and food preparation methods. In addition, participants gain ICT skills and create information/educational digital stories focused on the knowledge gained of both food culture, traditions and healthy eating.

The Vardakeios School invites you to participate in this presentation that focuses on:
• the structure and available information of the Healthnic e-platform
• the intellectual outputs that were created during the last two years: the Practical Guide and the Toolkit that offer useful material and guidance for any professional that would like to organise a Healthnic workshop
• the Digital Storytelling Method and the videos that were created by the participants of the local workshops

The participants will have the opportunity to participate in culinary creations of dishes and emotions

For more information and registrations contact us at: 0030 2281082573 / 0030 6936497398
or send your email at :

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