End of the Greek Healthnic Diet workshop

The Greek Healthnic workshop finished its sessions on Tuesday 4th December. The second part of the workshop was dedicated on the digital storytelling process. The participants with the help of their facilitators were divided in 3 groups and created 3 stories that reflect ideas from all the members of the groups and also one more which is produced by all the participants. In order to do that they recalled childhood memories, previous experiences but also moments from the cooking part of the workshop. They had the chance also to learn and practice on how to create a storyboard, to record their voices and use an editing programme in order to create their video. In the final day emotions flowed easily and everybody, participants and facilitators, expressed their great content about the whole experience. Next meeting for everybody will be the annual Book Bazaar of Vardakeios School on Saturday 15th of December where we are going to project the produced videos and the participants are going to prepare appetizers for the guests and inform them about the Healthnic Diet project.

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