A Practical Guide to Healthnic Workshops

We are really happy to present the Practical Guide to Healthnic Diet Workshops. The Healthnic Diet workshops give the opportunity to participants to acquire cooking, healthy eating, language, cultural awareness and ICT skills.
Download the Guide and find useful information that will help you organise a Healthnic Diet workshop:
• introduction on the participatory learning method
• activities on group building and cultural exchange
• social inclusion issues
• references on nutritional education
• home economics and active citizenship
• step by step instructions on how to organize a cooking workshop
• detailed instructions on digital storytelling activities that will involve participants
in the production of digital stories about food
At the end of the Guide, there are also six annexes that offer more information about digital storytelling, rules of nutritional diet, culinary terminology, food vocabulary, food safety and uses of herbs and spices.
The Guide is helpful to professionals working with vulnerable target groups such as refugees, immigrants and unemployed people but also to anyone that would like to acquire healthy eating habits by being open-minded to traditional food experience.