IO2 coming soon. The Guide to assist organisations to set up HEALTHNIC workshops

Partners of Healthnic Diet project are closely collaborating for the preparation of the Guide. Since the Kick off meeting:
-A transnational meeting was held in Liverpool on 19th-23rd February 2018 with the main goal to agree on the structure of the Guide and to give feedback on the material that was already produced individually. Five staff members of Vardakeios, MRSN and ITT worked hard for 5 days in order to prepare an informative and attractive manual. After the feedback from all partners it will follow the editing and the translation of the Guide in partner`s languages. We expect the Guide to be uploaded on the e-platform by the end of September.
-All project partners are eager to attend the training for trainers meeting (LTTA) in Syros on 25th-29th June 2018. A 5 days seminar in Vardakeios School will give the chance to participants to acquire cooking and ICT skills in a multicultural environment in order to organize their own local Healthnic Workshops.
-Our social media are active since the beginning of the project . Follow us and like us on Facebook, twitter and Linkedin.

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