Italian 2nd Multiplier event

In order to meet the requests from different stakeholders from various Regions, Diciannove hosted a 2nd Multiplier Event in Reggio Emilia. The audience was composed by representatives of social cooperatives and regional associations. Participants followed the various steps of the implementation of the project with attention and interest. After the presentation of the project outputs, we received a significant number of questions regarding the gathering of more specific information and suggestions focused on the indications to favour the transfer and the replication of the Healthnic diet workshop in their facilities and in new targeted audiences. The concept of facilitating the inclusion process of people through food has once again proved to be a win-to-win idea and practical strategy of passing advice on healthy nutrition, respecting traditions and awakening personal creativity with the creation of digital stories. Diciannove is already on the way to organize another event to increase the dissemination of such precious concepts.

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