ITT presents the Irish Healthnic Workshops

The Irish Workshops were held in the Adult Learning Centre in Newcastlewest, Co Limerick and they commenced as an evening class on Tuesday 16th October 2018.
The participants were a fabulous group of Moldovan, Romanian, Russian and Portuguese most of whom work together in a factory in a neighbouring town. The sessions were weekly and we were able to combine our workshops with an allocated evening language class scheduled for these participants.

Our workshops were facilitated by Alex McKillican as the course tutor and Claire Russell as the nutritionist. Valerie McGrath and Kristin Brogan also assisted in the facilitation of the workshops. The practical side of cooking together was combined with the theory part of the guide. The highlight of the workshops was the eating together at the end of each session. The last workshop was held in week eight and was accompanied by some German Christmas sweets by Kristin and various festive traditions were discussed based on the diverse cultural background of the participants.

Valerie McGrath was responsible for the recording of the digital stories and we will have five digital stories available and a “welcome” note by the tutor Alex.

Overall all participants are very pleased with the results of the workshops and the shared experience.

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