Podsumowanie ostatniego spotkania Healthnic z nietypową nutą

Ostatnie spotkanie projektowe odbyło się w Tralee (Irlandia) 16 i 17 maja 2019 roku.

Podczas spotkania, wszystkie założenia zostały zrealizowane, a jednym z rezultatów wspólnej dyskusji było tzw. „poetyckie podsumowanie”, które składało się ze słów uczestniczących partnerów. Powstały tekst miał charakter edukacyjny oraz swój eksperymentalny format, jakim jest wiersz. Poetyckie podsumowanie uważane jest za edukacyjne podejście, w którym obrazy, forma, słowa i symbolika prowadzonych rozmów zostają uchwycone i „przerzucone” w formę poetycką, aby zyskać nowe i głębsze, a także emocjonalne rozumienie wszystkich zaangażowanych osób. Takie podsumowanie może być podejmowane równolegle z formalną treścią raportu ze spotkanie.

Poetyckie podsumowanie zostało przygotowane w języku angielskim:

16th May 2019
welcome to grey sky
it might turn
to sun or shower
emotional to meet you
for these final days
the ocean the wild
natural silence
it is tasty
so do we start
introducing oneself
introducing the sections
baking bread
foreseeing the flavour the smell
have a look
fit into structure
or leave it
the way it is
for others to check
what / who’s already there
no share options
on your conclusions
when it comes
as a matter of correctness
can we just change colour?
strange colour blue
reflect the path
no judge within
it should not be so sound
bring your credit
to the noon
it is not easy
to find so many
to fit in your room
so here we are
who will count
who shall be invited
consider protection
of personal boundaries
slippery issue
what should be covered
experiences and opinions
on what happened
share ideas
on how to motivate
one comes and stays
at the end
be prepared
for simple evaluation
simple questions
the pleasure of the path
that once was shared
add samples
report what has been done
within such and such a-time
free to take part
for your interest and will
not binding
individual uniqueness
different focuses for questions to vary
not necessity to have the same
to make life easy
not to complicate
within a common ground
add singular specificities
adjust to the good way
are we ok with this?
With what we have done
numbers are done
what still might be done
social followers
for those who don’t like it
even if you should know
you probably won’t
from names to the colour of your eyes
so have a break before leave
not fresh enough for the day
still save an hour for tomorrow
fix the image of today
keep the evidence evident
use the free trial
you have to pay
for us is enough
for us is ok
invitation is colourful
but the date is wrong
there might be something you’d like to change
to adjust to present time.

17th May 2019
share the vocabulary
of experience
taste cohesiveness
sense of togetherness
in archetypical kitchen
made the spirit
of partnership
everlasting dignity
transparent diversities
for a challenge and path
for tastes that last

The next project activities will regard the multiplier events which will be held in all partner countries to disseminate the project outputs.
Check this platform to be informed on your closer event.
Come and meet us starting from the Italian multiplier event on Friday 24th May.
More info on the event here: multiplier event italiano

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