MRSN Healthnic Multiplier – Menu of the day

6 September 2019 Seana welcomed everyone to the MRSN Healthnic Multiplier event held in the Chas Rawes Hall at Asylum Link Merseyside. In attendance were more than 40 participants from Refugee and Asylum organisations, the Local Authority, others from the health and education sector and faith organisations.
Margaret showcased an overview of Healthnic with a Power Point presentation highlighting key aspects of the Healthnic project with photographs from across the two years. This included training and meetings with the four European partners from Greece, Italy, Ireland and Poland, the integrated workshop at John Archer Hall exploring healthy and diverse cuisines in a safe and friendly atmosphere, and how to develop digital stories in an inclusive and fun way. Attention was drawn to healthy eating emphasising the medicinal and nutritional values of herbs and spices and the benefits of using local and seasonal produce such as taste and value for money.
The Healthnic website was introduced – Guide, Toolkit and Digital Stories. All participants were encouraged to visit the website, download the Guide and use the Toolkit to develop a similar workshop in their own organisations.
Then Ewan introduced the digital story making process and pointed out the simple method used to encourage the development of digital and language skills, all of which increased the confidence of the Healthnic workshop participants. A selection of digital stories was then shown including some produced by our European partners.
“Main Course”
The stage was now set to bring the Healthnic workshop to the days event. Ruth and Jannatul took everyone on a journey from their Bangladeshi and Pakistani talking through with a live demonstration of how to create amazing lentil Dahl, roti an chapatti. The hall filled with an amazing aroma of coriander, chilli and garlic wetting everybody’s appetite for the lunch to follow.
This cheap, nutritious and very tasty dish was served to all participants who ate together replicating the flavour of the Healthnic workshop that took place in November and December last year.
During lunch Margaret demonstrated making a selection of herbal salts with a mix of rosemary, parsley and mint with raw salt from Spain. All participants were invited to have a go.
Everyone was encouraged to stay connected with Healthnic by using the Guide and Toolkit with their own groups and in their communities.
A ‘lunch bag’ was given to each participant to take home:
– Cooking workshop pamphlet
– Menu for Dahl
– Menu for Herb Salt
– Menu and information leaflets donated by Unicorn Co-operative Grocery
– Small jar of Herb Salt – Parsley; Rosemary; Mint; Mint & Garlic

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