Summary of the Polish HEALTHNIC DIET Workshop

We are happy to announce that the HEALTHNIC DIET workshop that was organized in Poland was a complete success. Participants was eager to listen, learn and practice, as well as share, discuss and engage in all workshop activities.
What happened during our sessions?
The first session was about getting to know each other and learning about the benefits that the workshops will bring. Participants also learned about the impact that certain diets have on humans, as well as how to choose ingredients to make a healthy meal.
The second session was about food traditions in Poland. This was when participants shared their experiences and spoke on the selection of both traditional and tasty dishes. Much time was devoted to instruction on how to select the best ingredients, with the presentation of fruits, vegetables, wheats and many more, brought by workshops participants.
The third and fourth sessions were concentrated on putting knowledge and skills into practice. Participants were engaged into preparing healthy dishes. However, first they precisely divided ingredients for each dish and discussed the nutritious value. Use was made of cooking books that participants shared among one another. Then came time for the cooking.
The fifth session was a summary of the workshops, gained knowledge and newly acquired skills. For this purpouse introduced was the idea of digital stories. Participants learned how to create own digital stories and became familiar with those already available on the HEALTHNIC DIET website. This allowed for starting works on the creation of own digital storytelling on the topic of Polish dishes and the celebration of traditional Polish cuisine.
Workshop participants will meet once again to review the digital stories, to afterwards publish the most creative one on the project website.

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