The greek Multiplier Event

The Greek Multiplier event was held in Vardakeios School on June 22nd from 17.00-21.00. Despite the hot weather participants that had registered the previous days attended a workshop that consisted in presentations of the project and its outputs, as well as “learning by doing” activities. The facilitator Maria Krina focused on specific principal values of the Healthnic workshops: joy and inspiration, solidarity, collaboration and harmony, respect and acceptance. The participants were divided into 4 groups and were given one of the above values to focus on. Each participant had to design first a “mandala” from a variety of materials: herbs, spices, dried nuts and vegetables and then share materials with the other members of the group in order to make a salad. The participants really enjoyed the process and had an idea of the atmosphere of the local workshops. In the end, many participants from schools and adult institutes expressed their intention to organise a similar workshop in their workplaces. Their enthusiasm made us decideto hold another multiplier event during September.

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