The project “HEALTHNIC: Healthy and ethnic diet for inclusion” has been funded by the European Commission, the Greek National Agency I.K.Y  within the Erasmus+ Programme Cooperation for Innovation & the Exchange of Good Practices, Strategic Partnerships for adult education.

This project idea developed from the experience of the consortium’s partners working with multinational groups consisting of immigrants, refugees and local unemployed people in educational programs. The results of this work revealed that the direct and active involvement of individuals with different cultural backgrounds in activities such as cooking/language/ICT learning opens up a process of mutual empowerment and sharing of experiences, which in itself inspires inclusion.

In this context the project is based on a 3 level learning scheme:

  • Basic formal & informal education (ICT, home economics, nutritional diet);

  • Maintenance of culture/heritage of participants (food culture and traditional methods);

  • Transferability between local communities and newcomer communities as an indicator of integration.

Through this project, we develop a new educational based resource by setting up and running the “HEALTHNIC Workshops”.

The workshops enable participants to acquire basic skills such as home economics and healthy eating education, supported with food and nutrition glossaries and food preparation methods.

In addition, participants gain ICT skills and create information/educational digital stories focused on the knowledge gained of both food culture, traditions and healthy eating.

None of us has the perfect “national” diet, and each of our cultures has much to share, so we can learn from each other and create something new together.

Intellectual Outputs produced


Educational e-platform that includes all the materials produced on the various activities;


A Guide to assist organisations to set up HEALTHNIC workshops


A Toolkit for running the workshops;
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