Second day of the Liverpool Healthnic workshop

November 7, we returned to the John Archer Hall kitchen for the second session of the Liverpool Healthnic workshop. This day focussed on using seasonal and local vegetables.
Three groups were formed, each with diversity of participants, for an activity to identify which English vegetables were in season throughout the year. This exercise was enriched with information about differences in duration of the seasons and seasonal produce from the various home countries.
November is a season of abundance in England so we have plenty of fresh and economic vegetables available. In our next activity, we created a recipe board for a dish influenced by each member of the group.
The predominant ingredient used by the three groups was tomato because of the abundant harvest available from the community garden – combining economy and nutritional value. Each group chose a dish to cook and illustrated the influences with national flags.
A traditional Turkish tomato omelette (menemen) was cooked in a frying pan with vegetables and eggs and given an English finish by grilling the top until the egg was cooked through, served with a Sudanese Peanut salad and Pakistani chapati.
Sharing ideas, working together and eating together is enhancing the bonding of our Liverpool Healthnic family.

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