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Italian Healthnic Workshop second edition

Diciannove organized a second session of the Healthnic workshop in Bussoleno (Torino). The workshop took place at Casa Bussoleno, a facility run by Frassati cooperative, including a social housing service, accommodation and recovery facilities for both locals at risk of social exclusion, migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. The workshop saw the partipation of ten people […]

Polish Multiplier Event

We are happy to announce that we have organized the multiplier event in Poland! Danmar Computers, from Rzeszow in Poland, has successfully presented the project and its outputs on May 30, 2019, while the multiplier event at the Regional Development Agency. What interesting did the participants find out about? We presented the digital stories that […]

Italian 2nd Multiplier event

In order to meet the requests from different stakeholders from various Regions, Diciannove hosted a 2nd Multiplier Event in Reggio Emilia. The audience was composed by representatives of social cooperatives and regional associations. Participants followed the various steps of the implementation of the project with attention and interest. After the presentation of the project outputs, […]

The greek Multiplier Event

The Greek Multiplier event was held in Vardakeios School on June 22nd from 17.00-21.00. Despite the hot weather participants that had registered the previous days attended a workshop that consisted in presentations of the project and its outputs, as well as “learning by doing” activities. The facilitator Maria Krina focused on specific principal values of […]

Don`t miss the Greek Healthnic Diet Multiplier Event

Saturday 22/6/2019 17.00-21.00 at Vardakeios School “HEALTHNIC: Healthy and Ethnic Diet for Inclusion” is an Erasmus+ project that started on October 2017 and now that finalizes its activities presents to you its work. The main target groups come from various backgrounds including refugees, immigrants, long-term unemployed and indigenous groups, who wish to develop their food […]

Italian 1st Multiplier Event

Friday 24th May saw the first round of the Italian multiplier event. The event flew pleasantly following the scheduled agenda, and the participants have been particularly active and interested. All participants evaluated positively the event and various letters of interest have been signed with the indication to duplicate and transfer the project outputs and the […]

Last Healthnic meeting’s poetic summary

The last project meeting took place in Tralee (Ireland) on 16th and 17th of May 2019. During the project, the whole agenda has been accomplished, and the result of the discussion has added a new step to the official and formal minute of the meeting. It was added a so called “poetic summary”, which combined […]

We are waiting for you at the Italian multiplier event

“HEALTHNIC Healthy and Ethnic Diet for Inclusion” is an Erasmus + project lasting two years that promotes a healthy diet based on traditional ingredients from different ethnic cuisines. The main recipients are groups of people who come from different socio-cultural contexts, including refugees, immigrants, long-term unemployed and local groups who want to improve the quality […]

ITT presents the Irish Healthnic Workshops

The Irish Workshops were held in the Adult Learning Centre in Newcastlewest, Co Limerick and they commenced as an evening class on Tuesday 16th October 2018. The participants were a fabulous group of Moldovan, Romanian, Russian and Portuguese most of whom work together in a factory in a neighbouring town. The sessions were weekly and […]